TheBrymz outreach is a non-profit NGO that arises with the vocation of contributing our work on the path of overcoming the inequalities and injustices in which the peoples of Africa are plunged.

Whether it be with a multiple schedule development with a National House Builder or a small leasehold estate, we utilize our expert manpower, the latest technology and a trusted, certified and insured network of contractors to ensure your property is maintained to the highest of standards within the industry. Operating from the central region of Ghana, we are ideally situated to manage residential leasehold developments throughout Ghana. With extensive knowledge of the industry we are able to represent clients in a proactive, swift and collaborative manner in order to maintain developments and relationships.

We are not subject to partisanship, neither political nor religious. The NGO is based in Kasoa- Ghana , where it was established in early 2010, but it has volunteers and partners in many parts of Ghana, Spain and Uk.

The Food Bank

the food bank

How we Work

Food banks provide emergency food on presentation of a voucher. Our trained volunteers will offer a warm welcome.

Getting a Food Voucher

Our food banks work with referral agencies to issue food vouchers to those in need of emergency food in times of crisis.

What's in a Parcel?

What's in a Food Parcel? we provide a minimum of three days' nutritionally balanced, tinned and dried food donated by thebrymz outreach.



Do you want to make a donation? Or become a volunteer in one of our centres?

Contact Us: Email: outreach@thebrymz.com Telephone: 0034610997033, 00447448211249

With your donation you contribute to the financing of our projects.No matter the amount, it all adds up to benefit Our social, educational and health projects which provides development tools for the less favoured populations of the African continent.


Real Estate Developers?

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